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Welcome to TimPris Media

With music and writing, I'm here to serve the hearts of all those who seek a perfect balance of Life, Spirituality and Peace

Dedicated to serving

Community Outreach

I am dedicated to helping out in my community.  As a member of Hug Detroit, I get the opportunity to do just that all year long.  

Helping others find peace

As a contributer to the Insight Timer App, I get the opportunity to develop meditations specifically geared towards overcoming various hindrances. Things such as unforgiveness, anger, insecurities and more are addressed in my compositions. 

Food for your soul

Here at TimPris Media, yo will find calming music to de-stress, to practice yoga to, or to help in whichever negative areas of life you may find yourself in.  Feel free to sample some of the videos here and find something that suits you.  

Release your hurt (Meditation Practice)

This is the promo video for my new book Encounters.  If you love black erotica, this book is for you.  Available on

Morning Light

My latest composition, also available to stream on the Insight Timer App.


A beautiful soundscape that encompasses light percussion, birdsong and an angelic harmony.  Listen to this throughout your day or in the evening to wind down, soothe the mind and release any tensions.

More about Tim Ellerbe

Bio and Discography


Tim Ellerbe is a Producer, composer and writer with a sizeable catalog of music and book releases under his belt. His areas of expertise range from New Age to Jazz as inspiration and he is equally comfortable behind a piano or word processor. 

As an in demand musician, Tim has toured with many bands including Enchantment, the Dramatics and Detroit's own Sapphire Rhythm. 

He also performs with select bands at weddings, funerals, private parties and corporate events.

Tim is gaining popularity amid the Meditation commuinity, thanks largely to Maddy Gerard at Insight Timer. His New Age compositions have proven to be just what today's spiritual seekers need in their times of reflection.

He is also an accomplished Author with several books available on



 Brian Alexander Band (2019-Present)

Hug Detroit Festival (w/ Sky Covington 2016-Present)

Detroit Vintage 1st Fridays (2016)

Gina’s Jazz and Soul (w/ various artists, 2015)

Auditioned for America’s Got Talent w/ Dream Element (November 2015)

Harbor House w/Dream Element (Downtown Detroit, 2015-2016)

Harmonie Garden (w/Dream Element 2015-2016)

Concert of Colors (2012, 2013)

Peaceful Poetic Place (With Natasha “Beautiful Thought” Anee 2011-2013)

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge (w/ Michael Elder 2010)

Worship Leader for CEM Ministries 2011-2013

Tours with Enchantment (keyboardist, various cities 1997-Present)


Tim Ellerbe

Tim Ellerbe Project Vol. 1 (2006)

Nightdance (2012)

Discoveries (best of Tim Ellerbe 2014)

Journey into Life (2018)

Nightdance 2  (2019)

Inner Joy (2019)


Wishes (2015)

Desires (2015)

Ears to Hear (2016)

Defrauded (2016)

Encounters (2019)


Upcoming Events

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Satin Doll Review w/ Sky Covington


Tangent Gallery 715 Milwaukee, Detroit MI 48207

+ Event Details


Satin Doll Review w/ Sky Covington

This Award nominated Event returns to Tangent Gallery


Tangent Gallery 715 Milwaukee, Detroit MI 48207

Resources and articles for aspiring Artists

Herein lies the music, productions and  musings of Detroit's most Non-famous Famous  Producer.




 Hi, I'm Tim, a Detroit Producer who specializes in Smooth Jazz, EDM and New Age genres. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening, a dance party or just want to meditate, I have you covered.  



I write and record music in order to share it with the masses.  My music is available in many online stores. I'm just as happy if you click on one of the links below and just take a listen. 

No obligation.  Listening is free.



As a professional musician, I am available for a variety of events and functions. Weddings, funerals, private events, both large and small. Packed arenas to politcal fundraisers. As a versatile musican, I am able to fulfill your musical needs. As a person who loves interacting with my audience and people in general on a personal level, if you see me out, feel free to stop and say hello.  I may even bless you with a free CD or link to an exclusive track.

Embracing the Dawn: Music for Meditation

From the upcoming CD Inner Joy

Smooth Jazz after a long day


The title track from my CD Nightdance


A meditation piece I composed originally for Insight Timer

Is it Okay

One of my favorite compositions